NEW Product Spotlight: Essential for Living – A Functional Skills Assessment & Curriculum

This week, we’re thrilled to introduce you to a new functional skills assessment and curriculum by Patrick McGreevy, PhD, BCBA-D, Troy Fry, BCBA, and Colleen Cornwall, EdD, BCBA-D. Essential for Living is a functional skills curriculum, assessment, and skill tracking instrument for students with moderate-to-severe disabilities. The program is based on concepts, principles, and empirically-validated procedures from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and from B.F. Skinner’s ground-breaking analysis of verbal behavior.

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The Essential for Living: Professional Practitioner’s Handbook is both an assessment and a curriculum. It can be used to determine the current performance level of each learner to conduct a curriculum-based assessment. This instrument is also used to develop appropriate IEP goals, and objectives for individual education or support plans and to track skill acquisition and problem behavior. Essential for Living permits teachers to record and track very small increments of learner progress, including the extent to which generalization has occurred. The program is composed of functional skills and behaviors which are essential for effective daily living and which result in an improved quality of life for children and adults. It is especially useful for learners with limited communication repertoires, minimal daily living skills, or severe problem behavior.

Users must purchase the Professional Practitioner’s Handbook in order to implement the Essential for Living program, and then have the option to use of one of the scoring manuals below.

The EARP (Essential Assessment and Record of Progress for the Essential Eight Skills and Problem Behavior) is a 26-page manual that focuses on the eight critical skills that all learners will need as adults, covering must-have indications of interest, requests, and related listener responses; following directions related to health and safety; daily living skills related to health and safety; and tolerating skills related to health and safety.


The ARP (The Assessment and Record of Progress Manual) is the complete assessment and record for thousands of skills that are part of everyday living, including the eight essential skills. Users wishing to complete a full assessment should purchase the ARP. The ARP allows instructors, speech-language pathologists, behavior analysts, care providers, and parents to record the performance of individual learners on assessments, and to then track their subsequent progress on any of the skills covered in Essential for Living, along with any problem behaviors that have been assessed and for which a program has begun.

The ARP covers the following Domains: Requests and Related Listener Responses; Listener Responses, Names, and Descriptions; Answers to Questions and Conversations; Daily Living and Related Skills; Functional and Academic Skills; Tolerating Skills and Eggshells; and Tool Skills and Component Skills.

Users should also note that Essential for Living is not a developmental instrument and it is neither age, nor grade-referenced. For that reason, it works well as a complementary tool for the VB-MAPP by Mark Sundberg which does contain developmental levels that are age-referenced. Click here for how to choose which instrument to use and how the VB-MAPP and Essential for Living can be used together.

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