Pick of the Week: NEW! The Self Management Planner, created by Daniel Sundberg, PhD

From Daniel Sundberg, PhD, comes the brand new Self Management Planner which offers you a better way to organize your life and check things off your to-do lists! The planner utilizes the concepts and principles of ABA to help you to get more done, and is designed specifically for users who have busy and frequently changing schedules and want something that will do more than schedule time in the day.

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Not only is this planner perfect for effective time management and organizing your activities, but it also allows to set and track your goals (it even includes graph paper so you can watch your progress!). This is a perfect tool for those data collectors out there who are looking for an excellent organizational and record-keeping tool.
The Self Management Planner includes:

  • Appointment book with full 18.5 hour days and 7 day weeks, to accommodate those who work on variable schedules
  • A tutorial on using the planner, appointment book, and measuring your success
  • A guide to setting long term goals, and figure out ways to accomplish those goals
  • A system for that allows you to select and track your daily activities. People have used this section to track a huge variety of important things like spending, hours billed, driving mileage, activity goals, and more
  • Graphs to help you see and track progress on your goals
  • Lined note paper
  • Blank date periods that allow you to start the planner on your own schedule to prevent page waste
  • Weekly and daily to-do lists
  • Space to make note of all day events
  • Sized at 8.5″ x 5.5″ to fit a small bag or purse

We also have an exclusive article from Daniel Sundberg on all the features of The Self Management Planner and how to use it:

The Self Management Planner
by Daniel Sundberg, PhD

If you deliver treatment services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders or other special needs, then you know how hectic it can be to schedule multiple clients, meet with families, supervise staff, find time to write reports, and manage your many other responsibilities. For parents of children with autism and other special needs, the story is no different. Managing school, treatment sessions, doctor’s appointments, accomplishing your treatment goals, all while managing the rest of your life. It can get overwhelming to try and fit it all into one 24 hour period. However, effectively managing your time and your schedule helps to accomplish your to-do list and better help the individuals you care for. The good news is it is possible to do this without creating more time in your day, it simply requires effective self-management, a process of systematically managing your own behavior (Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2007). The Self Management Planner is a tool designed to help people self-manage their own behavior to make use of their time and accomplish their goals.

The Self Management Planner is designed specifically for users who have busy and frequently changing schedules and want something that will do more than schedule time in the day. The Self Management Planner has helped parents, teachers, students, working professionals, and others to free up their time and accomplish their goals. Some people have used the planner and the behavior change tools to do simple things like record their driving mileage, schedule and increase study time, and track daily good deeds. They have also taken on bigger issues like tracking and identifying triggers for migraines, keeping track of medications, recording hours billed, managing daily spending, and freeing up time to spend with their children.

The different parts of The Self Management Planner were developed based on the concepts and principles of behavior analysis, and refined with user feedback to create a product that will satisfy the needs of those who are interested in effectively managing their life. The planner includes a full week appointment book with 18.5 hour days, full weekends (for those whose days do not start and stop at 9-5, and weeks do not end on Friday), and daily and weekly to-do lists. In addition, users have space to set yearly goals (such as pass the BACB exam or save enough for a vacation) and a section in every week of the appointment book to measure and track daily and weekly behavioral targets (such as study time, money spent, or a child’s IEP goals).

The planner also has 52 lined pages for notes, and graph paper to visually track important measures. Additionally, there is a comprehensive tutorial to guide users through the self-management process, which includes creating effective goals, identifying ways to measure and evaluate those goals, determining ways to set yourself up for success, and using the planner to manage your time. All of this is packaged in a convenient 8.5” x 5.5” size that will slip into most briefcases, backpacks, and purses.

If your time is at a premium and you are looking for a way to accomplish more and better serve those who depend upon you, effective self-management may help. The Self Management Planner can help to structure your self-management program to allow you to accomplish more.

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