A Letter From Our Founder

Dear Families of ASD Children and Friends, 

We usually celebrate Autism Awareness in the month of April, but this year during the unprecedented pandemic our families are facing the challenge to provide supports for their ASD children.  Whether it’s continuing their school programs at home or creating more positive behavior, our ASD families are facing enormous challenges each day.

 In the 1990’s, a listserv called the Me List was created for parents who believed in Applied Behavior Analysis as the evidenced based intervention that works. There were few school programs, parents had to do it themselves. Through the Me List, we learned about what was helpful to our children and our families. We all came together from across the country and beyond to share what worked, so that others could benefit from our experiences Different Roads became an ABA resource due to the suggestions of these parents and what they had learned from their home programs.

This month, we’d like to honor the spirit of the original Me Listers who inspired the creation of Different Roads to Learning. We wish be able to help you in some small way find something that will help you get through the weeks to come.  It is with that spirit we extend this sale, in the hope that it will help you and your families and the children whose lives we hope to improve. If you have questions on science-based treatments or are having trouble sourcing supports for your learners please reach out to us. Our hearts and thoughts are with you.  ​

About The Author

When her daughter was diagnosed with autism at the age of six, Julie Azuma started Different Roads To Learning to support parents running ABA programs in their homes. Since then, schools across the country use Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior in both contained and inclusion classrooms. Tens of thousands of children have been mainstreamed by the age of 5. Our children are more capable in every way. Today, we are proud that our mission remains to provide the most effective, informative, affordable and appropriate materials to support the students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in their social and academic growth. 

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About Different Roads to Learning

Our Difflearn blog was created specifically for sharing. Here, we’ll collaborate with trusted professionals and parents to share experiences, concerns, new and exciting products and events and best of all, our collective treasure of information. It is our hope that you will find the information posted here helpful, practical, and interesting and that it will help all of us – especially our children – learn and grow. And this is just the beginning…We hope that professionals and parents who have advice, information or a story to share will contact us and submit thoughts and ideas for blog posts. We intend for this to be a true community and all who are interested in the education of our ASD children are invited to participate.