A Walk in the Woods

When you’re a parent of a child diagnosed with autism, the smallest things become a challenge.  Getting to the car without an incident or going to the store always holds a bit of anxiety for me.  My level of parent alertness was and is always on high.

Miranda loves attention and will approach strangers in her own very unique way. She loves elastic hairbands and is always on a mission to find them on the ground. You would be surprised at how many she can acquire on an outing.  All the while, Miranda uses her own version of words.

The other day, we took a walk, an outing with no anxieties.  It was such a pleasure to walk in the woods with her.  She was cheerful, responsive and appropriate.  I could put my arms around her and just walk along with her.  It was a moment of enjoyment together, a moment to treasure.



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About Julie Azuma

Julie Azuma is the Founder & President of Different Roads to Learning, a company that sells learning products for children diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities, and DRL Books which publishes books and manuals for parent and teachers of autistic children. The companies provide over 100,000 customers with educational materials and tools that help shape the learning behaviors of autistic children.