Pick of the Week: NEW! ABA Curriculum for the Common Core Kit: 1st Grade

Following up on our ground-breaking Kindergarten kit for the ABA Curriculum for the Common Core, we’re thrilled to introduce the long-awaited ABA Curriculum for the Common Core: 1st Grade. This week, we’re also offering 15% off the normal retail price – just enter our promo code 1STGRADE at checkout to redeem your savings!

Utilizing the same accessible format, this new curriculum rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis addresses each and every Common Core State Standard for 1st grade students. Created by Sam Blanco, MSEd, BCBA, this curriculum has been devised exclusively for students in special education settings using the evidence-based principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Just like the Kindergarten version, the ABA Curriculum for the Common Core Kit: 1st Grade contains a curriculum book that drills down into each standard and breaks it into teachable steps. Programs are presented in a format that supports data collection and ease of use. Each Common Core standard is presented on its own page with clear instructions detailing the Teaching Procedure, Discriminative Stimulus (Sd), and Materials required for teaching. Each standard lists several targets that demonstrate the component steps and skills required for mastery. Additionally, every standard page references the correlating Kindergarten standard to drill down to for students who have not met the prerequisite skills for the first grade standard. A thorough “how-to” guide presents the main tenets of ABA, giving staff an accessible understanding of:

  • Motivation and Reinforcement
  • Pairing
  • Prompting
  • Generalization
  • Natural Environment Teaching
  • Preference Assessment
  • and Data Collection

In addition, comprehensive Data Sheets are included in the curriculum guide, along with samples of how to complete them. The goal of this curriculum kit is to make the Common Core standards accessible and relevant to students with autism and special needs.

Don’t forget to redeem your savings this week on the brand-new ABA Curriculum for the Common Core Kit: 1st Grade. Just mention or enter our promo code 1STGRADE when you check out with us online or over the phone!