Welcome to the Different Roads to Learning Blog!

Family and community mean the world to us here at Different Roads. Technology has given us an incredible platform to reach out to the parents, teachers, grandparents, and consultants who love and educate children on the autism spectrum. We are thrilled that our blog, along with our Facebook and Twitter pages, has given us the opportunity to move beyond products and sales and be an active member in the autism community.

Our Difflearn blog was created specifically for sharing. We’ll be sharing our experiences, our concerns, new and exciting products and events and best of all, our collective treasure of information. It is our hope that you will find the information posted here helpful, practical, and interesting and that it will help all of us – especially our children – learn and grow.

We’re thrilled to have partnered with Stacy Asay, a wonderful, energetic creative behavioral consultant with 14 years of experience in the field. Her work with special needs children integrates a strengths-based, holistic approach to child and family with the tools of Applied Behavior Analysis. Her focus is on equipping children with the tools they need for learning and living while honoring their unique spirit. It is our joint hope that this blog will lead to a dynamic and exciting dialogue between parents and providers, where the free exchange of ideas promotes growth in both our communities and our homes.

And this is just the beginning…We hope that professionals and parents who have advice, information or a story to share will contact us and submit thoughts and ideas for blog posts. We intend for this to be a true community and all who are interested in the education of our ASD children are invited to participate.

Welcome! We look forward to hearing from all of you!

~Julie, Abigail, Jeana & Stacy