New Online Curriculum from Autism Expressed Provides Digital Skills to Students with Autism

Autism Expressed is a new organization that strives to empower people with autism with the skills to use the internet and participate in social media. Their mission is to “give students with Autism marketable digital age skills and therefore, a greater advantage when pursuing their independence.” Lessons show them how to understand internet slang and lingo, how to make a Facebook page, and even how to launch a website.

Autism Expressed provides an online curriculum that teaches students internet basics like browsing, searching, email and web safety. The curriculum used is based on the methods of Applied Behavior Analysis so that each lesson builds on the previous and includes an activity so students can practice their new skill. Students can earn achievement badges to reinforce their progress. Students can log in and use Autism Expressed independently. After finishing their video lesson, they can complete an associated activity to unlock a new badge. If they get the answer wrong, the student is provided a prompt. Video lessons and activities can be viewed and practiced as many times as needed to comprehend content and to earn a badge. Since the safety of students is of the utmost importance, in addition to continuous reinforcement of safety procedures throughout the curriculum, there is also a special embedded browser that limits the access students have while they are learning and practicing their new skills.

Ideally, the results of the program are increased motivation, resiliency and a greater learning and earning potential.

Individuals and organizations can register here and you can also find them on Facebook.