Meet Teddi Kalb, Sales & Client Relationships Associate

Teddi BioTeddi teamed up with Different Roads to Learning straight out of NYU and is so ecstatic to be here! You might have already spoken to her over the phone or received an e-mail from her a time or two as she is in charge of making sure that our customers feel supported and empowered. She also handles our social media accounts and assists our marketing efforts to help spread the word about our most beloved tools and tips to support young learners!

Inspired by her passion for people and community, she majored in Psychology at New York University, hoping to make a difference in the field of education. However, rather than directly working with students in the classroom, she sought to strengthen people’s learning via nontraditional methods. This has led her to work for a variety of organizations from online learning marketplaces to business journalism education nonprofits.

Working for Different Roads to Learning has given Teddi a personal fulfillment, as her older brother is on the autism spectrum. It’s her hope that she can help make children like her brother feel like they belong and are excited to learn.

Meet Tatum Kenney, Sales Operations Manager

Tatum came to us from the corporate headquarters of Barnes & Noble, where she served as their Operations Coordinator. Tatum is thrilled to be applying Fortune-500 forecasting and principles to the ideals and goals of Different Roads to Learning. In partnership with the rest of the team, Tatum is dedicated to ensuring your orders arrive to you promptly and correctly, and that we are always bringing you the best and most innovative items to help your students or your family. If there is an item out of stock or an issue with shipping, Tatum is the person to take care of you and prioritize your needs!

Fun Fact: Tatum majored in Musical Theatre at the Catholic University of America, and spent her twenties playing teenagers in Off-Off-Off-Broadway shows around New York City.

Meet Natasha Yamane, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Natasha joined us out of Barnard College with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She’s our resident graphic designer and computer guru, creating beautiful content for our site, blog, and email campaigns. She also works directly with our content contributors, distributing their expert tips and articles every week. Inspired by her time at Different Roads communicating with educators and parents on a daily basis in addition to her research experience in mother-child relationships, Natasha hopes to earn a doctorate in Clinical Psychology in her future so she can continue to work closely with special needs families.

Fun Fact: Natasha is certified in teaching Pilates and enjoys giving classes on the side during her free time.