Pick of the Week: Inchimals Animal Blocks – Teach measurement, number concepts, and more

Inchimals Animal Blocks are a fun and effective way to teach measurement, number concept, addition, subtraction, and pre-algebra to children of many ages. Beautifully crafted, Inchimals contains 12 wooden animal blocks measuring anywhere from 1 inch (the tiny ladybug) to 12 inches (the towering giraffe). This week, take 15% off your order of the Inchimals by entering in our promo code INCHIMALS at check-out.


With exact inch segments, written numerals, representative dots, and cute animals, Inchimals is a multi-purpose toy that encourages creativity, interaction, logic and mathematics mastery.

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Pick of the Week: KLOO “Catch the Bug” Word Games for Little Readers

Support learners in reading words to magically making sentences without even knowing how to write with KLOO Catch the Bug Word Games for Little Readers. These word cards contain many high-frequency words that children need to know to progress in their reading ability. This week only, you can take 15% off* KLOO “Catch the Bug” Word Games for Little Readers. Just apply promo code KLOO15 at check-out to redeem these savings!

The color-coded system provides a visual cue and guarantees a grammatically correct sentence every time, simply by following the color cues and “kloo” arrows. With 4 levels of game play, the games in this set will absorb children’s interest and make learning to read and create sentences even more enjoyable. With over a thousand possible sentence combinations, each game is fresh and creates new imagery and challenges for children!

Don’t forget to use KLOO15 at check-out to save 15%* on your purchase of KLOO “Catch the Bug” Word Games for Little Readers this week only!

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