Pick of the Week: Coin-U-Lator + Worksheets!

Learn about money with this fun and interactive coin-counting calculator. With reinforcing voice acknowledgements such as “Good Job!” or “Way to Go!” kids will enjoy learning how to count money and how to determine how much is needed to make a purchase with the Coin-U-Lator.

The Coin-U-Lator also comes with accompanying worksheets that offer lessons and further practice for learning how to count money. The workbook comes with 100 reproducible worksheets that are arranged in progressive levels of difficulty.

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Pick of the Week: Coin-U-Lator & Worksheets – Teach Money Skills in a Fun and Interactive Way

Learn about money with this fun and interactive coin-counting calculator! Use the Coin-U-Lator to count money, teach the value of different coins, determine how much money is needed to make a purchase, and more! This week only, save 15%* when you order the Coin-U-Lator and/or the Coin-U-Lator Worksheets when you apply our promo code COINU7 at checkout!

Each realistic coin and dollar button on the Coin-U-Lator makes a sound when pressed. These sounds are inherently reinforcing and make learning about money and counting all the more fun for students! Use the simple +/- switch on the Coin-U-Lator to change the math activity from addition to subtraction, as well as amute button to turn on or off the variety of fun, realistic sounds. There are also two fun learning games, and when the correct answer is entered, players are rewarded with a “Good Job!” or “Way to Go!”. There’s also an Oops button to go back and fix mistakes. Batteries and instructions come included.

The Coin-U-Lator Worksheets comprise a hands-on program of 100 reproducible worksheets that teach the value of coins and money. These worksheets come compiled in a binder notebook and can be used with or without the Coin-U-Lator. The worksheets are arranged in progressive levels of difficulty for students with varying knowledge of math and money.

The Coin-U-Lator and Coin-U-Lator Worksheets are  available only in US Dollars. 

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