Weekly Rethink Autism Tip: Generalize Skills from the Classroom to Everyday Life

This week’s free autism tip covers an important topic that helps enable your child to adapt to his/her daily surroundings.  One of Rethink Autism’s special education professionals guides you through teaching your child how to apply what he/she has learned in a classroom setting to necessary skills utilized in everyday life.  This tip is an effective tool to help your child develop these transferable skills.

Weekly Autism Tip from Rethink Autism

Our friends over at Rethink Autism offer a great, FREE weekly autism tip. Check out this week’s tip which focuses on going back to school.

Rethink Autism makes research-based autism treatment tools accessible and affordable for parents and professionals around the world. They have an innovative web-based platform that includes a comprehensive curriculum with over 1,200 video-based exercises, staff/parent training modules, and ongoing assessment tools – all developed by leaders in the field of autism education and research. They also offer virtual support services, ranging from short-term problem behavior assessment to ongoing case consultation with our team of experts.