Pick of the Week: Teaching Hands Clock—Take the Guess Work Out of Telling Time

This innovative wall clock takes the guess work out of telling time by highlighting both the correct hour and minute numerals. This week only, take 15% off* the Teaching Hands Clock by entering in promo code THCLOCK6 at check-out.

The shaped hands of the clock are sure to attract your students’ attention and help them learn to tell time quickly. Think of the hands as training wheels for an analog clock. The shapes at the end of each hand help train the student’s eye to look at the correct hour and minute.

Remember, you can take 15% off* your own Teaching Hands Clock this week only by using code THCLOCK6 when you check out online or over the phone with us, and help your student learn to tell time with ease with this handy clock!

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Pick of the Week: Watch It! Elapsed Time Clock

Teach elapsed time with this classroom tool featuring two analog wristwatches with correlating digital clocks. The Watch It! Elapsed Time Clock is a simple, non-electronic, and clear way to teach elapsed time. This week only, save 15%* on your order of the Watch It! Elapsed Time Clock by using promo code WATCHIT at check out!

To operate the clock, simply move the minute hand on the first watch to your desired start time and the minute hand on the second watch to your finish time—the digital clocks underneath will automatically adjust. Then, slide open the cover on the answer window to see the elapsed time or keep it closed to quiz students. You can also use it to teach reading analog time and for practice on adding time. No batteries are required.

The Watch It! Elapsed Time Clock comes with two large, analog-geared wristwatches, two correlating digital clocks, an elapsed time answer window with a push-button quiz door, and a Teacher Guide with multilingual instructions (i.e. English, Spanish, French, and German).

This week only, take 15% off* your purchase of the new Watch It! Elapsed Time Clock by mentioning or entering promo code WATCHIT when you check out by phone or online.

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