Holiday Gifts for Children on the Spectrum

During holiday gift giving, no one wants to present their child with a curriculum wrapped with a big bow. We have loads of wonderful toys that are engaging and fun. We’ll keep it to ourselves that they’re educational. Here are some of our favorites which are great suggestions for friends and grandparents who might be stumped by what to get children on the spectrum for the holidays.

The Shape and Color Coaster has always been a kids’ favorite. The brightly colored pegs and pieces are engaging and fun.

The 3D Feel & Find is a high-quality wooden toy. You deal out the tiles and then children reach into the bag to pull out the corresponding wooden shape, using only their sense of touch. There’s fun for everyone to play together.

Every child loves pretend play. The Coin-u-Lator is an interactive coin-counting calculator that comes with addition and subtraction games. Kids will love pushing the large buttons and hearing the sounds of coins dropping into a drawer.

Puzzles are great for children at all stages of development. They’re fun on a rainy day (and develop key motor and spatial reasoning skills!)

Mighty Mind is another favorite, especially for children who love a challenge. The design tiles and 30 tangram-like design cards that become increasingly more challenging as you progress, developing creativity, visual and spatial relationships.

Have we left out anything that you think might make a good holiday gift?